Conceptual and Feasibility Studies

MWeConsult provides comprehensive Feasibility Studies to energy supplies, energy users and to policy makers. Clients include project developers and investors, industrial users, utility companies and municipalities. The primary aim of such studies is to provide the necessary facts and analytical commentary to enable our clients to optimise their decision making.


Project Development Support

MWeConsult specialises in supporting the development of power projects with an emphasis on renewable energy - and can demonstrate a strong track record in this area.


Acquisition Due Diligence

We can provide assistance to organisations that are in the process of acquiring power plants or energy companies. Our international energy market experience provides an in-depth understanding of the issues and of the data required.


Risk Assessment and Management

Our risk management experience can help to turn risks into opportunities through a process of structured risk management. A strong competitive advantage can be gained through identifying and assessing the risks involved in a business and managing them more effectively.


Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy service is aimed primarily at the energy and power sectors, focussing mainly on strategic planning issues.



Drawing on our practical market experience MWeConsult can develop and deliver general and detailed training courses in the energy, power and



Your partner in power project management

Fossil fuel prices

Oil prices rose by a factor of 12 from 1999 to 2008. Brent Crude peaked at over $140/bbl in July 2008 before falling below $40/bbl in December 2008. Since then it has recovered to the region of $70. Despite the short term volatility, the increase in price over the last ten years remains well above inflation and the long term trend remains likely to be upwards. This reflects rising demand, especially from the developing economies (including India and China), and also the growing costs of producing from more marginal reserves. It is now generally accepted that this is part of an irreversible upward trend.


brent oil since 1988 (2).bmp


Finite fossil fuel resources

Industry estimates suggest we may have peaked on oil production, or maybe about to peak. While additional reserves continue to be found and coal reserves are larger, this will be a driver in the long term search for alternative energy resources.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power (usually electricity) in a single process. Through the use of an absorption cooling cycle, trigeneration or Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) schemes can also be developed. CHP is a highly efficient way to use both fossil and renewable fuels and can therefore make a significant contribution to the UKs sustainable energy goals, bringing environmental, economic, social and energy security benefits.


CHP systems can be employed over a wide range of sizes, applications, fuels and technologies. In its simplest form, it employs a gas turbine, an engine or a steam turbine to drive an alternator, and the resulting electricity can be used either wholly or partially on-site. The heat produced during power generation is recovered, usually in a heat recovery boiler and can be used to raise steam for a number of industrial processes, to provide hot water for space heating, or, as mentioned above with appropriate equipment installed, cooling.